Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. When is World Tennis Day?

    March 6, 2017

  • Q. What is World Tennis Day?

    World Tennis Day is an annual festival of tennis around the world in which tennis fans, tennis clubs, tennis facilities, and tennis promoters work with national associations to host events to celebrate participation in the sport, and to promote the healthy lifestyle that comes with playing. On the same day, the BNP Paribas Showdown is held in New York City at Madison Square garden to bring together past and present stars of tennis.

  • Q. Where is World Tennis Day?

    World Tennis Day is celebrated on tennis courts around the world! The BNP Paribas Showdown in New York City caps the day.

  • Q. How can we get involved in World Tennis Day?

    Anyone can get involved in World Tennis Day! Whether you are a regular tennis player, have not played for many years, or have never picked up a racket you can participate and encourage your children, family and friends to try tennis. Simply grab a racket and a ball and have a go in a location convenient; it may be in your garden or in a local park. Check whether the local tennis club or sports / leisure centre is organizing any activities. Schools, companies, social groups can all get involved and do some simple serving, rallying and scoring activities.

  • Q. Why should we support World Tennis Day?

    World Tennis Day is a global initiative aimed at increasing participation among players. The event is centered around a series of high profile Showdown events featuring current and former professionals together in front of thousands of spectators. The inaugural World Tennis Day took place on Monday 04 March 2013 with 58 different nations involved across the world, with BNP Paribas Showdowns in Hong Kong and New York City. The number of participating countries is close to 100, and we look forward to increasing that number again with this year’s participation!

  • Q. What activities and specific events can we look to organize?

    There are a variety of activities and specific events that can be organized for World Tennis Day 2017. In most cases, the National Tennis Association of each country will drive the activities and specific events organized, however tennis clubs, organizations and tennis enthusiasts can get involved too. If you are looking to organize your own activities and specific events, please get in contact with your National Tennis Association to find out their plans first.

  • Q. Who is responsible for World Tennis Day?

    World Tennis Day is a global event and celebration of tennis for the world, and anyone to take part. GF Sports, LLC remains the sole rights holders of the World Tennis Day brand, however all National Tennis Associations are encouraged to organize respective activities and specific events nationally.

  • Q. Is there any funding available to support our activities and specific events?

    We are unable to subsidize any National Tennis Association’s World Tennis Day activities or specific events with any financial assistance or equipment support. We are aware that some activities and specific events are heavily reliant on financial assistance to deliver certain activities and encourage National Tennis Associations, clubs and organizations to utilize their existing resources or seek external funding or sponsorship for their activities and specific events linked to World Tennis Day.

  • Q. Can we look to attract sponsors to support our activities and specific events?

    Yes. World Tennis Day is non-exclusive and National Tennis Associations, clubs and organisations are able to seek their own specific sponsors or external funders to support their local events and activities. No sponsor should be credited as being a title or presenting sponsor, although national and local sponsors can be associated with World Tennis Day. StarGames Inc. remains the sole rights holders of the World Tennis Day brand.

  • Q. How do we share images and videos with GF Sports?

    GF Sports will be sharing content related to World Tennis Day throughout the days leading up to the event and in the aftermath too. We would like to encourage images and video content to be shared via the official social media channels linked to the World Tennis Day on Instagram, Twitter and on Facebook, and using the hashtag #worldtennisday.

  • Q. What social media can we engage in related to World Tennis Day?

    During World Tennis Day 2017, we will be engaging in a social media campaign asking ANYONE playing tennis on March 6 to submit photos or video to our Facebook or Twitter pages using the hashtag #worldtennisday.

  • Q. What if my country is not listed as a participating member nation?

    Make your own event! Go out and play tennis anywhere you can. And please, join us in celebrating by sharing your own personal celebration by taking pictures and sharing them with #WorldTennisDay.

  • Q. What are the Showdowns?

    Showdown events celebrate tennis with matches featuring past or present pro players. Every player who has played in a Showdown has either been ranked No. 1 or reached the finals at a Grand Slam tournament, if not both.

  • Q. How can I buy tickets to the Showdown?

    Tickets to the BNP Paribas Showdown in New York are available here.

  • Q. How can I get an answer to a question that’s not asked here?

    Please email ccoley@gfsportsholdings.com.