Exclusive World Tennis Day Strings For Sale

Commemorate World Tennis Day with an exclusive set of tennis strings made just for the global event, taking place on March 10.


Two Options:

OneStrings Tour 

String Type: Co-polyester

Gauge: 16 (1.25)

Details: Made with Thermoplastic Co-Polyester material, this string brings elevated control, while maintaining superior ball velocity and feel for the touch game.

Colors: Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple,

Price: $12.50 plus shipping/handling


OneStrings T-Flex

String Type: Multifilament

Gauge: 16 (1.30)

Details: The TFlex is a multifilament string that offers great playability, power, and control with added comfort. 

Color: Neon Yellow, Orange 

Price: $12.50 plus shipping/handling


To order please email Christian Coley HERE.